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Each class includes:

Cardio 30 minutes of the moderate intensity cardio - part of the 150 minutes recommended weekly by the American Heart Association.

Inversions & Heart Openers – These poses are said to improve circulation, strengthen the heart, improve immunity, manage fear and insomnia, and more.

Music & Community In some studies, community ties can lower your risk of getting sick by 250%! Chanting helps us connect, and also regulates dopamine, a natural anti-depressant.

Meditation – Class includes a short accessible meditation, said to lower the effects of stress and how you respond to a stressor. Meditation can also improve sleep, fertility, digestion, and immunity - all tasks of the parasympathetic nervous system. This in turn can improve performance in both mental and physical tasks.

About Heart Health:

Heart strength is also measured by heart rate variability (“HRV”), which is how quickly the heart calms down after a stressor. With heart health, it really isn’t the fall, but the recovery. Training the breath in yoga and meditation can significantly improve your HRV. This is crucial for our students, since exposure to New York has been proven to increase the risk of a heart attack. Improving circulation improves the whole body, as there is no cell in your body that im more than five cells away from a blood vessel.

About Stress and the Immune System:

“For most things that you can measure in the immune system, sustained major stressors drive the numbers down to 40 to 70 percent below baseline."

Prema Vinyasa contributes to healthy immunity through increased flow to the thymus and increased lymph activity. The lymph system is the only bodily system without its own pump. Each Prema Vinyasa class begins with movement through the major joints for their safety, as well as to stoke the immune system.

Prema = Love.


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