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Private or semi-private sessions can be held in your home or office.

Each private class is designed to address your specific needs. Yoga Therapy* teaches the mental and physical techniques of yoga that empower your health and wellness in a more precise and specific way. Prema Yoga Therapeutics teachers* can modify their instruction for a broad range of conditions, and may compliment your medical care through strength conditioning, meditation, Yoga Nidra, holistic mind/body connection, and intelligent prevention.

Since Dana has experience teaching beginning through advanced students, private sessions can focus on alignment, advanced variations, prenatal, or restorative care – whatever you need.

Please contact to set up an initial private or to purchase a package of classes. We'd love to help you achieve your goals!

*Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy is not intended to replace the care of a licensed medical health professional. Yoga supports your health, but Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists are not responsible nor do we assert to diagnose, treat, heal and/or cure mental or physical disease or illness. As with all exercise, be sure to be cleared to practice yoga by your doctor or a certified health professional.

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